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A communal cremation is the cremation of several pets at one time. This service is for those who do not wish to have the cremains returned to them, but still wish to receive the highest quality of care for their pet. The cremains from this process are a mixture from all the pets in the group. The pet will be joined with the cremains of other pets and scattered in our Memorial Garden.

The rates for a communal cremation is $50 plus weight.

                    0-25  pounds       $10.00
                   26-50 pounds         20.00
                   51-75 pounds         30.00
                 76-100 pounds         40.00
             over 100 pounds          50.00


This is the most preferred type of service. One per is cremated at a time and all his/her
cremains are returned to you. People have many choices with regard to the disposition of the cremains. Some people like the idea of keeping their pet close to them and decide to purchase an urn. We have a selection for customized urns available. Many people like the idea of returning the cremains to the earth by scattering them. Your client may scatter the cremains in our beautiful Memorial Garden or they can be returned to you so that your client can bury them or scatter them in a wooded area, a brook or under their pets favorite tree.

The base rate for a private cremation is $100.00, with an additional $1.00 per pound.
The price includes pick up from and return to you. Also included is a standard urn.